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Sunrise RV Refrigerator Repair fixes both RV refrigerators and stressful vacations in Grand Rapids, MI. I am a licensed refrigerator technician with over 20 years of experience in the field. There is no RV refrigerator problem my team and I cannot solve. If it’s broke, we fix it!

I enjoy the great outdoors and recreational activities as much as you do and am committed to making your experience in Grand Rapids as pleasant as possible. Nature is an escape from the stressful daily routines we must perform every day, and an RV opens the door for fast and comfortable traveling and camping. A broken RV refrigerator should not be the thing that ruins your adventure!

My business is not only committed to solving crisis situations, however. I also provide preventative maintenance and upgrades for RV refrigerators. The best way to prevent a costly refrigerator problem on vacation is to squeeze a checkup or upgrade into your travel plans!

To guarantee fast and high quality results, I ask clients to come to me so I can repair your broken refrigerator at home. This reduces labor costs associated with me traveling and ensures I have the appropriate tools on hand to solve the problem. You can rest assured knowing your RV is in good hands.

Arrange an appointment with me today so I can help you find your way back on the boat with a cold and refreshing beverage. I can answer all of your questions while providing free estimates for your RV refrigerator needs.

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