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An RV refrigerator does not have to be fully replaced in order to be upgraded. If you are tired of dealing with a faulty or outdated cooling unit that is costing you money, consider my RV refrigerator rebuild in Grand Rapids, MI!

Faulty cooling units can either be patched up or replaced, depending on the type and severity of the problem. Although these two options are the cheapest short-term solutions, it is actually more cost effective in the long run to install a rebuilt cooling unit. A rebuilt unit is designed to meet or exceed current factory cooling standards, which will bring your fridge completely up-to-date despite its real age.

Particularly, outdated RV refrigerators will benefit from rebuilt cooling units. The push for greener appliances that use the least amount of energy was very recent; your 10-year-old refrigerator’s parts may not have made the cut! Stop wasting energy and money, and upgrade your cooling unit with a rebuilt one!

You can still use my RV refrigerator rebuild service if you recently bought a new fridge. Due to continuous advancements in technology, rebuilt cooling units will work equally as well, or even better, than a new factory unit. When I rebuild a new fridge, I am able to customize each part to exceed current factory cooling standards. This guarantees your RV refrigerator is working at its optimal level! Allow us to change out your cooling unit for a rebuilt one so you can save money, energy, and the environment you love to camp in.

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